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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snooping! - Michele

Hey Guys!

I hope you enjoyed your Valentine weekend! I seriously enjoyed this 4 day weekend. Of course about a month and a half ago I thought my birthday and Valentine's day would play out differently, I envisioned spending some time with Washington but we all know how that played out. I do have an update with that tune into the show on Thursday for that! Now about Snooping and creeping on social media! As you all know from our previous episode about Social Media: Friend or Foe, you know that I think social media is a foe.

During my relationship with Mr. Law Enforcement we had issues with ladies trying to get at him on social media. People are disgusting! Mr. Law Enforcement would ignore these advances and always ask me "If people see someone happy why can't they just leave them alone?" #TrueStory The truth is people want what they can't have! If they are miserable they want others to suffer as well, it is what it is, sad but true. Mr. Law Enforcement ended up cheating on me and I found things out through social media, every time Mr. Law Enforcement screwed up I found out through social media, I'd see a picture of him out when he said he wasn't going to go out. I'd see he had a new lady friend on one of the social media sites a lady I knew was interested in him romantically. I'd see a flirtatious comment or an inside joke. It was easy to catch Mr. Law Enforcement! We had been linked for so many years and were best friends I could read him like the back of my hand. It didn't really take snooping or stalking to find things out it'd just show up in my news feed or it'd be there on his page when I was leaving a comment. He was a bad liar and from the first night we ever hung out romantically he told me just that!

Now with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, being so popular it's easy for new love interests to find things out about each other. Or even professional contacts to Google you or find you on LinkedIn. While dating Mr. Minnesota I was social media stalking him and I found things out about him that he wasn't ready to share with me and I realized that I didn't think that was fair to him or to anyone else I dated after him. So with anyone I've dated after him I never Googled or looked them up on Social Media until after it was over. I want the men that I date to open up to me in their own time and vice versa I understand at this age everyone will have their own baggage some more than others. My co-workers could not believe that I had not Googled Washington when I finally told them I was dating him, they really encouraged me to but I refused I wanted him to feel safe to open up to me in his own time.

Now after things are on the outs I cannot lie I have done my fair share of FB Stalking and Googling. Aren't you ever curious as to who you were spending time with?

As far as snooping in person I have never done that, I feel if you are in a place where you feel like you need to snoop that's not a relationship you should have. No matter what kind of relationship you may have with this person. If I ever have kids, will I snoop on my children? I hope not, I hope my child(ren) feel like they can openly talk to me about anything.

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