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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Leilani's Quick take on the Winter Olympics

            Our last show we discussed the winter Olympics being held in Sochi. It was interesting to read about the different athletes competing, the types of winter sports, the problems journalists were experiencing in Sochi.
            As a lover of playing sports in general, I can appreciate some good competitive action from time to time. Those that know me know that I typically love playing all sports, but I can’t stand watching sports. The Olympics is probably one of the only sports venues that I enjoy watching. The competitors are so inspirational and motivating, and the way they represent their countries is quite admirable.
            My personal favorite winter Olympic sport would have to be the luge and bobsledding events. The high speeds, danger, and motion are all entertaining and I can sit there for hours and just watch the different competitors speed down these ridiculously dangerous looking ice slides. It’s quite entertaining. I have to admit that I am a sucker for figure skating, as it was always a favorite of my grandmother’s. We would sit there for hours and watch these figure skaters dance so gracefully on ice. And those jumps! Crazy! If you’ve ever been ice-skating, it is not easy. LOL! The one time I tried it, I felt like I was going to fall over at every turn.
            The competition that always cracks me up is curling. Can you imagine how much practice that takes? It’s already entertaining enough just watching the competitors, but I have a lot of respect for anyone that competes in the winter Olympics. Dealing with ice and snow is no joke!
            Finally, after discussing the problems that journalists were experiencing in Sochi, and getting the perspective from our co-host Luis on how it was offensive, I can definitely see how these journalists are creating a bigger problem by laughing at the “dire circumstances” they are experiencing in Sochi. The water and appliance problems should definitely not be mocked, but rather taken into account that these are the problems that the locals deal with. That is sad, when anyone has to drink unclean water.
            I don’t have much else to say about the Winter Olympics at this time because I am guilty of having no time to watch them. So for anyone that has had the opportunity, I would love to hear your feedback. Until next time… Cheers! 

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