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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Michele's Dating Dilemma- Leilani's POV

Hey Chatters,

So I've finally found the time to post in regards to Michele's dating dilemma. I was definitely on my friend's side, as most girls are, so it was difficult for me to see how difficult Washington was being in this entire situation. Just to clarify, I was completely on Washington's side. I liked the guy, and was hoping that Michele and him would make it work. Boy, was I wrong!

Personally, I think that Washington was interested in dating Michele, but I definitely think that towards the end he was taking advantage of this situation. In my opinion, I think it's weak of a man to use excuses when he's not interested in a girl, instead of just "manning" up and saying that he's just not into a woman anymore.

I am happy though that this all came out in the beginning, and Michele didn't waste her time on someone who wasn't worth her time. Obviously I had other opinions about the situation, but if you want to hear those, tune in to our last show.

<3 Leilani <3

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