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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sometimes we need to look back before we move forward-Michele

Hey guys so this week we are looking back but also moving forward. Here are 3 things I'd tell my past self and 3 things I hope for my future self!

1. Do what makes you happy and what your heart desires. Apply to the colleges you aren’t 100% sure you’ll get into but if you do it will boost your confidence. Attend the college you want to go to and finish because it will boost your confidence.

2. Put your faith in God work on your relationship with Him, it is all his plan and it will all happen the way he intends for it to as long as you put him first.  

3. Do not let others interfere with your drive to achieve your dreams 

Future self

1. I hope you had the experience of living outside of California for at least 1 year…ok maybe 6 months.

2. I hope you let go of the past and found what you have dreamed of.

3. I hope you have no regrets. The only regrets we have in life are the things we did not do.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Leilani's Bucket List- A quick glance

Hey Chatters!

Below are just a few of the things that I have on my Bucket List! I think that bucket lists are an awesome way to create goals in life and they keep you on your toes. So when you are out and about and see something that you think looks awesome, and you want to try it out, then do it! If you can’t that day, then add it to your bucket list. By far the best tip I’ve seen out there so far on bucket lists has been “to keep your eyes open for opportunities and experiences!” So cheers to you Chatters and making memories!

Leilani’s Bucket List

  1. 1.     Learn to cook 10 awesome dishes (Because I don’t cook!)
  2. 2.     Travel to every continent in the world
  3. 3.     Leave a note in a book
  4. 4.     Finish an entire coloring book (cute)
  5. 5.     Write a book
  6. 6.     Have a library in my home
  7. 7.     Skydive and bungee jump
  8. 8.     Travel to every state in the U.S
  9. 9.     Flyboard (I just saw this)
  10. 10. Snowboard
  11. 11. Be a tourist in your own city
  12. 12. Get my master’s degree
  13. 13. Record the stories of my elders
  14. 14. Buy a plane ticket to somewhere random
  15. 15. See the Northern lights

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Keep your dirty laundry off social media

Hello Chatters! I'm sure we've all been guilty of it at some point venting a bit on social media?! I know in the heat of the moment it's so easy to say what you have to say and hit post and boom there it is for your "friends" to see. Of course your "friends" will respond some may have your back some may not just like if it were face to face right? But remember everything that is online remains online it is out there in cyberspace forever even if you hit the delete button it's still there somewhere. I read an article recently where 80% of candidates looking for a job do not get the job if they do not have a presence on social media. Can you believe that? You may be just as qualified as the next person but if your possible employer cannot find you on google they will not invite you in for an interview. So not only do you need to show up on google you need to show up in a positive light. So with that being said lets get into it.
TMI & Social Media!
Alright guys as you know from listening to the show I am a lady I am the type to follow the rules and I believe that you should follow proper etiquette. We do know that Social Media is a bit of a monster and a new one at that. So things can get a little out of hand at times. Your emotions are running high and you have your phone in hand instead of texting your best friend you send out a tweet and boom everyone can find what was on your mind. Not only did they see it on twitter they see it on Facebook because everyone knows you better link both accounts so you don't have to post something twice...duh!  The second you hit send you think "should I have done that?" Obviously no you shouldn't have but too late my friend what's done is done and you can't take it back because those that haven't seen it will hear about it and you better believe the one person you didn't want to know about your little rant will hear about it before the day is done! 

Back in the days of Myspace  used to post things in Italian so my boyfriend at the time wouldn't know what I was saying. Would I put him on blast in my little Italian rant not really but I would post some great proverbs so if he could figure it out he'd know it was all about us! I used to have a tracker on my page that would tell me who was viewing my page so after we broke up I saw all of the girls who wanted to lurk on my page and snoop to find out what was going on. I finally had to post that yeah I did have the tracker and I could see what they were doing and I'd like them to respect my privacy. It stopped them from snooping so much but not all together.

The thing is I wouldn't do and react the way I did before, back then Social Media was fairly new plus I was in my early 20's and acted on emotions. I wouldn't do that now, I have grown up a lot and have learned from my mistakes. I'm older and wiser now and have learned to think about the consequences of my actions obviously some of those things I had to learn the hard way and get into social media arguments but I learned real quick watch what you say because there are always people watching!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Liar Liar Pants on Fire 03/06 by UnwindAt9 | Entertainment Podcasts

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Liar Liar

Hey guys,

People lie for different reasons and no matter what the reason it never makes it right. Mr. Law Enforcement always told me I will not lie to you, I may withhold information but I will not lie to. Do I believe with holding info that may harm me be a way of lying yes i do. But the things that he said he with held were meaningless and would hurt me for no good reason, so why would someone you love want to do that? I can understand his way of thinking but do I think it was right? No! The truth is I always found out, if he was with holding the fact that he ran into a girl that I knew had eyes for him somewhere and they had a conversation to me it wouldn't have been an issue at all the issue was always the fact that he never mentioned it. In cases like that it seems like there is an ulterior motive for not mentioning it. A way for him to be shady and keep his options open?

There was this one time I lied to my parents I told them I was studying after school in reality I was trying out for the cheer leading squad. My parents had told me I could not try out this particular year because my grades had slipped and they wanted them to be better. I lied to them and they found out when someone congratulated my mom on her daughter making Varsity! She had no idea I had even tried out because they said I couldn't do it. Was that right NO! I should have listened to them they said I couldn't do it I couldn't do it but that's the way the world is if people want something bad enough they find ways to make it happen. Should they lie, cheat or steal to get what they want NO WAY! Do some people do that? Yes they do! It does not mean it's okay or right.

Do I think that I may get what's coming to me through my future children? YES I SURE DO! They always say your children are twice as bad as you were. Well I can say I'm glad I haven't had any children yet because the older I get the better I get and maybe the good things I've done will out weigh the bad and my kids wont be THAT bad! lol Back to lying!

Do people lie just to lie? Sure they do! Maybe it's fun for them or something I really don't know but I will say this. Washington lied to me! Yes chatters you read that right! Washington pulled the wool over my eyes and he played the part of "good guy" really good! He made me think he really cared! He said he was leaving on deployment and that's why he didn't want to start anything new! No that's not true he didn't leave he's still here! (More on how I found out on the live show!) I honestly wish the best for Washington there comes a time when you have to stop beating a dead horse and this is the time. He obviously lied because he wanted to date someone(s) else and that's fine. I hope he's found what he's looking for. I also hope he doesn't lie anymore that really ruins relationships because women always find out and once the trust is gone you cannot get it back.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

SNOOPING- Leilani's Take on Snooping

Oh Snoopy McSnoopster’s don’t SNOOP!

If you don't know what snooping is, here's the definition...
investigate or look around furtively in an attempt to find out something, esp. information about someone's private affairs.

Nothing good ever comes out of snooping around to find out information about someone online. I have been guilty of it, and that definitely doesn’t make it right. But, since we all do it, here are my lists of WHY WE DO IT, and WHY WE SHOULDN’T.

1. As humans we are generally curious creatures. We find that there is always something out there to learn about. We want to be as nosey as we can because we feel we have the right to know absolutely everything.
     2. We snoop because we’re bored. Our favorite show isn’t on, work is done for the day, we are sitting there picking our noses, and so we find ourselves snooping around because we think our time is better spent finding out about what others are doing. And if you don’t think you’re guilty of this, think of all of the social media you use. Yes FACEBOOK counts!
     3. We want answers! To any current question that we may have about someone else’s life. Living in a social media culture, it’s easy to access the latest happenings and ongoing’s of anyone. Almost anyone is googleable these days. If you don’t think so… google your name and you’ll find out.


Curiosity killed the cat! You know that timeless saying? Well it becomes very evident whenever you snoop and find out something you didn’t want to know. So the best thing to do, is avoid putting yourself in an awkward situation.

1.     Avoid putting yourself in an awkward situation. Now you know exactly what you wanted to know and your emotions and assumptions are running wild. So now what? Well, you were snooping, so you can either…
a.     Admit that you were snooping and confront the situation.
b.     Avoid the situation and let the wheels turn in your head until you come up with some crazy perception of what you think you just found out.
2.     When you snoop, you better be able to handle the consequences of what you found out. Most of the time, you’re not ready, so why even go there? Just mind your own business, or go old school, and call that person that you are snooping around about. Make life easier on yourself.
3.     You have better things to do. Trust me, you do! Don’t waste your time snooping around looking for information about what you think you need to know. If you needed to know and you felt it was important, then the best part of you would pick up the phone, text, or message that person to find out what you wanted to know.

Just remember… the next time you snoop, what are you snooping for? Do you want to find something out? Do you want to talk to that person? Do you feel the need to contact that person?

At this point, you’re an adult, so do the adult thing and try not to snoop. Again, we’re all guilty of it, but we know better than that. And just think, if you’re snooping around looking at other people’s business, then someone is most likely returning the favor. And that my dears is just plain freaky!