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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Liar Liar

Hey guys,

People lie for different reasons and no matter what the reason it never makes it right. Mr. Law Enforcement always told me I will not lie to you, I may withhold information but I will not lie to. Do I believe with holding info that may harm me be a way of lying yes i do. But the things that he said he with held were meaningless and would hurt me for no good reason, so why would someone you love want to do that? I can understand his way of thinking but do I think it was right? No! The truth is I always found out, if he was with holding the fact that he ran into a girl that I knew had eyes for him somewhere and they had a conversation to me it wouldn't have been an issue at all the issue was always the fact that he never mentioned it. In cases like that it seems like there is an ulterior motive for not mentioning it. A way for him to be shady and keep his options open?

There was this one time I lied to my parents I told them I was studying after school in reality I was trying out for the cheer leading squad. My parents had told me I could not try out this particular year because my grades had slipped and they wanted them to be better. I lied to them and they found out when someone congratulated my mom on her daughter making Varsity! She had no idea I had even tried out because they said I couldn't do it. Was that right NO! I should have listened to them they said I couldn't do it I couldn't do it but that's the way the world is if people want something bad enough they find ways to make it happen. Should they lie, cheat or steal to get what they want NO WAY! Do some people do that? Yes they do! It does not mean it's okay or right.

Do I think that I may get what's coming to me through my future children? YES I SURE DO! They always say your children are twice as bad as you were. Well I can say I'm glad I haven't had any children yet because the older I get the better I get and maybe the good things I've done will out weigh the bad and my kids wont be THAT bad! lol Back to lying!

Do people lie just to lie? Sure they do! Maybe it's fun for them or something I really don't know but I will say this. Washington lied to me! Yes chatters you read that right! Washington pulled the wool over my eyes and he played the part of "good guy" really good! He made me think he really cared! He said he was leaving on deployment and that's why he didn't want to start anything new! No that's not true he didn't leave he's still here! (More on how I found out on the live show!) I honestly wish the best for Washington there comes a time when you have to stop beating a dead horse and this is the time. He obviously lied because he wanted to date someone(s) else and that's fine. I hope he's found what he's looking for. I also hope he doesn't lie anymore that really ruins relationships because women always find out and once the trust is gone you cannot get it back.

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