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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

SNOOPING- Leilani's Take on Snooping

Oh Snoopy McSnoopster’s don’t SNOOP!

If you don't know what snooping is, here's the definition...
investigate or look around furtively in an attempt to find out something, esp. information about someone's private affairs.

Nothing good ever comes out of snooping around to find out information about someone online. I have been guilty of it, and that definitely doesn’t make it right. But, since we all do it, here are my lists of WHY WE DO IT, and WHY WE SHOULDN’T.

1. As humans we are generally curious creatures. We find that there is always something out there to learn about. We want to be as nosey as we can because we feel we have the right to know absolutely everything.
     2. We snoop because we’re bored. Our favorite show isn’t on, work is done for the day, we are sitting there picking our noses, and so we find ourselves snooping around because we think our time is better spent finding out about what others are doing. And if you don’t think you’re guilty of this, think of all of the social media you use. Yes FACEBOOK counts!
     3. We want answers! To any current question that we may have about someone else’s life. Living in a social media culture, it’s easy to access the latest happenings and ongoing’s of anyone. Almost anyone is googleable these days. If you don’t think so… google your name and you’ll find out.


Curiosity killed the cat! You know that timeless saying? Well it becomes very evident whenever you snoop and find out something you didn’t want to know. So the best thing to do, is avoid putting yourself in an awkward situation.

1.     Avoid putting yourself in an awkward situation. Now you know exactly what you wanted to know and your emotions and assumptions are running wild. So now what? Well, you were snooping, so you can either…
a.     Admit that you were snooping and confront the situation.
b.     Avoid the situation and let the wheels turn in your head until you come up with some crazy perception of what you think you just found out.
2.     When you snoop, you better be able to handle the consequences of what you found out. Most of the time, you’re not ready, so why even go there? Just mind your own business, or go old school, and call that person that you are snooping around about. Make life easier on yourself.
3.     You have better things to do. Trust me, you do! Don’t waste your time snooping around looking for information about what you think you need to know. If you needed to know and you felt it was important, then the best part of you would pick up the phone, text, or message that person to find out what you wanted to know.

Just remember… the next time you snoop, what are you snooping for? Do you want to find something out? Do you want to talk to that person? Do you feel the need to contact that person?

At this point, you’re an adult, so do the adult thing and try not to snoop. Again, we’re all guilty of it, but we know better than that. And just think, if you’re snooping around looking at other people’s business, then someone is most likely returning the favor. And that my dears is just plain freaky!


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