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Friday, February 7, 2014

Hot Topics and Winter Olympics by Michele

Hey Chatters!

Okay so our hot topics last night were things that I want to talk about here as well as of course the winter games (Go Team USA!)

22 year old leads children into traffic

First of all I don't care if you are generation X, Generation Y, Generation XY whatever you are. At the age of 18 in the US you are considered an adult. A 22 year old woman was given the responsibility of babysitting her friends young children both under the age of 5. One child under 5 to babysit is enough but these parents trusted her to watch their children. For her to even have them out of the house at 11 at night on a week night is heinous! Children need structure and a child under the age of 5 should be in bed at that time of the night. Then she took it a step further and was very intoxicated while out and about with these children in the middle of the night. Not only did she do that but she led them out into the street into oncoming traffic where the children were hit by an SUV. Luckily the children were okay but who does that? That is not okay and if I were a parent of those children that would not be a friend of mine any longer. I don't tolerate stupidity!


If you guys have not watched this documentary do so tonight! It's really good and I think it's true! These animals are wild animals and they snap, they've killed trainers, they are dangerous! Very beautiful and very smart but if you keep something caged up and on a small amount of food they can snap! Just look at how moody people can be can you imagine a thousand pound whale on a bad day? If you guys believe Sea World please let us know why or if you don't believe Blackfish tell us why you don't. I'd personally love to know your feedback!

Amanda Knox

Have you guys followed this trial? This trial has been going on for what I believe is like 5 years, That's a long time. She has spent some time in an Italian jail I think she spent a year in jail before her lawyers got the first guilty verdict overturned. I don't remember everything that happened but after that was overturned she was returned to the US, I believe she is currently in Washington. Italy tried her again for the murder of her roommate Miranda Kercher. Her and her boyfriend at the time have no been found guilty of murder and Italian authorities captured Amanda's ex at the boarder. Amanda stated that she will not return to Italy and I do not believe that the US will send her back. Do I believe she is guilty I hope not do I think she may know some information probably not because I feel like if she did know something and she did not have any part of it. I'm sure she would have told the Italian authorities everything she knew. Her and her ex boyfriend have no ties now so if he did it I'm sure she would have ratted him out and vice versa. Have they blamed each other? I'll have to research this and let you guys know! If you guys know let us know!

2014 Winter Olympics

To be honest I couldn't care less about the Olympics, I'm more of a summer games type of person! I love the summer games so much I'd love to travel and watch an event! #bucketlist But the winter games I like to watch Ice Skating and that's pretty much it. Sometimes I watch a different game here and there but I don't make sure I watch anything else except Ice Skating. Do I think that Shaun White should compete in both of the events that he planned to I'm torn. I do understand that as an Olympian you are someone who others look up to and that's a lot of responsibility that maybe you didn't sign up for when you started out in your craft. But the second you qualify for the Olympics you know that's what you're signing up for. He is letting down the US by withdrawing from one event but at the same time he does need to do what's best for him. It wouldn't be smart to compete in one event and get extremely hurt and not be able to compete in his "main" event. It is up the children's parent's to explain to them why he withdrew from the event and talk to them about it. See where they stand maybe the child will say 'I'd compete anyway' just talk to your children and see what they think about the situation. Future generations are the ones that really matter cuz they are the future of this country!

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