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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Leilani's Bucket List- A quick glance

Hey Chatters!

Below are just a few of the things that I have on my Bucket List! I think that bucket lists are an awesome way to create goals in life and they keep you on your toes. So when you are out and about and see something that you think looks awesome, and you want to try it out, then do it! If you can’t that day, then add it to your bucket list. By far the best tip I’ve seen out there so far on bucket lists has been “to keep your eyes open for opportunities and experiences!” So cheers to you Chatters and making memories!

Leilani’s Bucket List

  1. 1.     Learn to cook 10 awesome dishes (Because I don’t cook!)
  2. 2.     Travel to every continent in the world
  3. 3.     Leave a note in a book
  4. 4.     Finish an entire coloring book (cute)
  5. 5.     Write a book
  6. 6.     Have a library in my home
  7. 7.     Skydive and bungee jump
  8. 8.     Travel to every state in the U.S
  9. 9.     Flyboard (I just saw this)
  10. 10. Snowboard
  11. 11. Be a tourist in your own city
  12. 12. Get my master’s degree
  13. 13. Record the stories of my elders
  14. 14. Buy a plane ticket to somewhere random
  15. 15. See the Northern lights

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