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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sometimes we need to look back before we move forward-Michele

Hey guys so this week we are looking back but also moving forward. Here are 3 things I'd tell my past self and 3 things I hope for my future self!

1. Do what makes you happy and what your heart desires. Apply to the colleges you aren’t 100% sure you’ll get into but if you do it will boost your confidence. Attend the college you want to go to and finish because it will boost your confidence.

2. Put your faith in God work on your relationship with Him, it is all his plan and it will all happen the way he intends for it to as long as you put him first.  

3. Do not let others interfere with your drive to achieve your dreams 

Future self

1. I hope you had the experience of living outside of California for at least 1 year…ok maybe 6 months.

2. I hope you let go of the past and found what you have dreamed of.

3. I hope you have no regrets. The only regrets we have in life are the things we did not do.

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